Crocus or saffron (Crocus L.) - the type of the  plant from the family of Iridaceae .  It owns more than 80 species. The most common is Crocus sativus L.






Several narrow leaves, similar to troughs,  growing strongly after flowering. They grow out    of the bulbs.



They grow out  of the bulbs. The petals in the upper part are  free, in the lower part they are rolled in  the tube. Crocuses bloom in early spring, there are also species of autumn.


The underground part

Spherical bulbs are covered with dry husks. They are located a few centimeters below the surface.



They grow  directly out of  the bulbs and shrink, pulling the bulbs deeper.


Interesting facts

Saffron is   a highly valued  and expensive spice. Flower stigmas are picked.  For 1 kg of spice 150 000 flowers must be picked. After adding it to food, it assumes a yellow colour.


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